As the club has grown and we’ve collected more & more equipment (Gazebos, Flags, Banners, Tables Esky’s, etc, etc. we found that it was
taking 2 x cars packed to the gills to get all the gear to a car show, John Wiggett would come to my place on a Saturday afternoon so we
could squeeze all the gear into the two TBirds on top of this Chris Gleeson & Kevin Spiteri would have Gazebo’s and BBQ’s in there cars to
give us shelter from the sun & rain. it had become ridiculous.

So I decided we needed a trailer……but we’re the Jets, so It can’t be an ordinary old box trailer, it had to be something a little bit special, I
remembered my best mate Phil Smith who unfortunately is no longer with us (RIP mate), Phil always wanted us to build a teardrop trailer
together, so decision made, now how do you build one of these things, I stated by asking Mr Google and found some limited info, I thought
this will be easy, I’ve got this, how hard can it be?  well I’ll tell you, Over the years I’ve built several cars, a four car garage, several
carports, Decks, Pergolas a 50’s retro caravan, two camper trailers a car racing simulator using a real car and a double garage size 4 lane
wooden slot car track that went up into the roof space on an elaborate electric winch system, So how hard can a teardrop trailer be,
believe me this trailer would prove to be a real challenge.  Everything is trial and error you’ve gotta be thinking 3-4 steps ahead to build in
the correct sequence, I know it looks so simple just a plywood shell with cladding believe me it’s anything but simple, in fact at times it was
a nightmare.

Anyway armed with a 2 meter length of 2x1 pine in one hand and a rough sketch on a piece of paper In the other hand I headed into the
garage, I found an old boat trailer on Gumtree for $50 and made a start cutting and modifying it, Club member John Wiggett jumped in to
help me and between us we invented a whole new vocabulary none of the words we used can be repeated here.

The trailer frame is 100 x 50 x 1.6mm steel tube the floor and sides are 2400 x 1200mm sheets of 17mm thick plywood the roof is 2 x 1
pine slats covered with 3mm bendable plywood, the hatch is 17mm plywood cut into shaped slats then covered in 3mm bendable ply, once
the basic frame was built (ie’ Floor, Walls Roof and Hatch) then the sides were covered in 0.6mm galvanised steel sheet supplied by Kevin
Spiteri (thanks mate), once this was done the metal sides were covered in black vinyl wrap (mongrel of a job, next time I paint) then the
roof and hatch were covered in 1.0mm fibreglass sheet, Now onto the inside, I figured if we’re gunna have a trailer it may as well have a
BBQ and a stereo system, The problem was how do I fit a 6 burner Barbie and have room for all the equipment,so after lots of thinking and
head scratching I drew up a roll out system for the BBQ which hopefully allow all the equipment to be on the floor and the BBQ to sit above
and roll out the back when needed and stand up to being towed on Melbournes roads.

After lots of trial and error the system seemed to be working. Although on it’s first outing it was obvious the barbie wasn’t rolling out far
enough, the heat being generated melted some of the vinyl tiles, also on the way home the tie down system failed, the barbie broke loose
and inflicted some major damage to the internal walls of the trailer, all fixable, Anyway she’s been all fixed and had a second outing now
with the roll out system modified and a new tie down system, she seems to be ok still some little things to do but very happy with the end
result.  I need to thank my old mate Phil Smith for the inspiration to build a Teardrop, John Wiggett, Kevin Spiteri, Simon Carabott, Chris
Gleeson, Julz Neville for the amazing signage and pin striping and last but certainly not least Di for doing all the internal vinyl work (Twice)
and putting up with me during a difficult build..  

Would I build another Teardrop, maybe not..........but if you are building one and need some pointers please contact me.

Here are some build pics.

Cheers Dave
Jets Club Trailer
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