So you've arrived at this website and your wondering who are the Jets
Well the Jets are the warmest friendliest  group of people you will ever meet ,
we are a car club but more than that we are a Family.

The Jets Car Club was formed in 2013 and is for American and  Aussie classic cars but the truth is  It's for
people who love life and having lots of laughs as well as getting out and Fat arming in their classic car,

we are a small club with no politics and no bullshit just lots of good fun and laughs,we are capped at 50
members, the reason for this is because we want to ensure that what we have right now continues on into the
future. The club committee made up of equal numbers of Guys & Girls work to ensure that our events are tailored
to members and equally to their partners so that the Ladies are encouraged to join us whenever we get together,
Does it work...... You better believe it does.

We are a tight knit group who look forward to getting together for some laughs and  swapping
stories.........sometimes there even true.

Our name comes from a Movie called Westside Story, set in America in the 50's about two waring gangs The
Jets and The Sharks (The Sharks were the bad guys)
There is a song in the movie called the Jets song and as they say in that song  
"Once you're a JET you're always a JET"

Thanks for visiting us and if you're ever at a car show and see people having a great time and lots of laughs then
chances are  you've found the Jets

You cant buy what we have as a club

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