The Jets Story continued

As stated on our About Us page Jets car club was formed in 2013
Our goal and the reason behind starting this club is to provide our small select
membership with a good value for money family oriented car club.

We are a Melbourne based classic & custom car club predominantly American classic cars  our members stem  from all
over Melbournes susburbs as far as Rosebud in the South, Mill Park in the North, The Dandenongs in the East and Geelong
in the West.

Our cars are driver quality which allows us to get plenty of use from them, our Cruises vary from Car Shows, to a nice cruise
out to a country pub for Lunch, or just a cruise to a park for a BBQ lunch, because our membership is so widespread
although it's Not always possible we try to make sure most cruises are within 1.5 hours drive of Melbournes CBD , we also try
to schedule our main monthly event to alternating sides of Melbourne to keep things fair for all members.  We pride ourselves
on being a politics free club with the emphasis on having  fun and plenty of laughs, which makes the car shows, Lunch cruises
etc, a very enjoyable time together

Like most car lovers we enjoy car shows but not every weekend, as we all know it can get very boring looking at the same
cars week after week  that's why our events committee works tirelessly to ensure we have a wide variety of events, cruises,
nights out, picnics, car rallies along with a selection of car shows that are about raising money for charity,

We focus on the partner as much as the member because we are not a boys club and want to encourage our ladies to join us
whenever we use our cars, our executive committee is made up of an even number of males & females ensuring that when
we are planning the event calendar the ladies are considered every step of the way.

The Jets are determined to remain a small club we are capped at 50 members and we have a waiting list we are capped
because the committee want to ensure that what we have right now continues on into the future, I've been involved in several
car clubs (Boys Clubs) over the years and those experiences make me  appreciate what we have in the Jets car club we
have without a doubt the best hardest working committee who are supported by a truly supportive friendly and fun loving  
membership group You cant buy what we have and It sure aint for sale, Becoming a Jet is not easy you have to be a fun
loving easy going car loverwith a partner who enjoys the things you do  


We are privileged to offer the Vic Roads Club Permit Scheme to our members.

if you're reason for wanting to become a JET is simply to get a Club Permit then please find another club
because as a member of the Jets if you have Club Rego you will be required to attend a minimum of 5 Club
events per year.

If you have any questions or require clarification please feel free to contact us
to become part of the
Jets family

Call:    Dave Galloway on 0407 024 688

Jets  Commitee
President:  Dave  Galloway
Vice President's: Chris Gleeson & Brian Chircop   
Secretary:   Dianne  Galloway
Treasurer:   Rosanna Chircop
Committee  Allison Gleeson
      Giovanni Liza

Club Permit & Safety Officers

Dave Galloway 0407 024 688
Brian Chircop 0409 113 340

Ph:  Dave   0407 024 688