Membership is open to all  American Chrome bumper Classic & Custom cars

Our membership is based on a 12mth term from 1st July to 30th June each year, any member joining after the 1st of August will
pay a pro-rata fee as determined by the club Treasurer.

We only have one level of membership which entitles the member to all the benefits offered by the club including full voting
rights and the right to take up a position on the club committee,  Membership also includes the members partner as an
Associate member which carries no voting rights or benefits other than allowing the partner to attend members only events

New members will receive  a NEW members pack including a club shirt and other club merchandise

We do not have the club membership form online because we are a limited membership club and require that any prospective
members attend one or preferably more club events as a guest
This will give you and Us time to assess each other and determine whether membership is a good option. Guests should
endeavour to attend all meetings and club functions during this period to allow current members to get to know them . However,
we at the Jets fully understand that not all new members can attend every event due to work and family commitments. we are
sympathetic to those who are unable to attend but repeated excuses will be seen as a lack of interest , The committee have the
right to revoke any membership if they deem it neccesary

This may seem and probbably is a little anal but as stated we are a small tight knit group with a strong belief in keeping this club
a good fun place for all members and having had first hand experience in a club that thrives on politics we know the problems it
can cause so we intend to ensure it does not become part of this clubs culture and that we stay a good fun club.

We are a club who believe that cars are to be used, so if yours is a trailer queen or if you think burnouts and hoon driving are
acceptable then this is not the club for you,
if on the other hand you enjoy your car as a cruiser like to drive to outings with others of the same mind and just enjoy a laugh
and a good time without all the politics and infighting then this is the club for you

If we havent scared you off please contact us to get all the info on the Club and take that first step to becoming a
Jet  I'm sure
all of our current members will be only too happy to tell you that it's the right move and you wont regret it.  To Contact us just
call Dave on Ph 0407 024 688 or click the Contact us button to email your question.

As the Jets Classic & Custom Car Club Inc. is an Incorporated association the club follows the Model Rules as set out by the
department of fair trading these model rules also form part of the Clubs Constitution, all member should familiarise themselves
with the Constitution and Model Rules.

As we all know Clubs must have rules and even thou we have the model rules as mentioned we also have some which apply
directly to our Club

1. All Members must attend at least 5 Club events per year,this can be club cruises, club attended car shows, club monthly

2. Any Member Behaving or Driving in a manner which is deemed to bring the club into disrepute will be temporarily stood down
pending a full committee decision which may result in the membership being revoked

3. Any Member doing burnouts or driving dangerously will have thier membership revoked immediately

4. The club is registered and approved by Vic Roads to offer the Club Permit Scheme to it's members, this is a
priveledge not a right and should be treated as such. All Jets members have the right to apply to the Club for Club Permit
If you require clarification or are unsure of anything on
this page or relating to
Jets membership please feel free
to  Contact us via the button below

Ph:  Dave   0407 024 688
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